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A quote from inside:

“Usually, what limits us women the most is ourselves.

We believe that, by definition, we should give ourselves to others: husband, children, employer, parents, parents-in-law, friends, neighbors – the list is endless.

You are there when your child reminds himself in the evening that he was supposed to bring plasticine to school for tomorrow, and there’s no left at home. When you have to drive him to classes across town, then come back and pick up the outfit your child has forgotten. When your husband announces that he’s going out on business in the evening , you have to take care of the children yourself, cleaning with one hand and cooking dinner for tomorrow with the other. When the cat is sick and only you are able to give him medication. When your boss gives you a report to write till Monday on Friday afternoon…”

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Dorota Puchlew-Grzelak

the author of the ebook

I sew as a hobby and run a fabric shop professionally 😊

I am also a mother of two rascals that I homeschool. So I have a limited amount of time at my disposal, and yet I think that there is always more to spare for what you love, if that’s really what you want!